Sam (xb0daciousx) wrote in ____ohsolovely,

-Name: Samantha {am i lovely?}
-Age: 15
-Gender: Female
-Location: West Bloomfield, MI
-Hobbies: soccer, track, reading, talking, friends
-Top 5 Music Artists: Five For Fighting, Mandy Moore, Postal Service, Eminem, Evanescence
-Top 3 Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, A Walk To Remember, Dirty Dancing Havana Nights
-Why should we let you in our community?: I am a fun person, and I love meeting new people.
-Show us where you promoted in one person's journal- promoted
-3 pictures of yourself, no group photos.

....curly hair

....homecoming this year...kinda blurry sorry... oh and i'm not drinking.. the moms thought it would be cute to give us sparkling grape juice before we left...haha

....and of course the straight hair

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