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am i lovely?

-Name: Jessica
-Age: Sixteen
-Gender: Female
-Location: Virginia
-Hobbies: Field Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Indoor Field Hockey, Reading
-Top 5 Music Artists: Taking Back Sunday, Britney Spears, Something Corporate, Oasis, Count The Stars
-Top 3 Movies:Cruel Intentions, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Mean Girls
-Why should we let you in our community?: I am an honest person, with a bubbly personality and i will promote in any way that i can.
-Show us where you promoted in one person's journal- http://www.livejournal.com/users/brokenxbyxtears/3056.html?view=5360#t5360
-3 pictures of yourself, no group photos.

^Sorry, Its A Little Big :\

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