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____ohsexxx's Journal

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All Members , Moderated
moderated by:

thel0st_souls Joe Ford
nickwells Nick Wells
homerowkeys Andy Switt
xitsallafacadex Kristen
xxjewelsxx Julia


001. Post within 48 hours of Joining.
002. Use the lj-cut
003. Put "oh sex" in the subject line to show you read this shit
004. Racism, Homophobia, anything of that nature will not be tolerated.
005. No back talking or trying to start shit with the mods

when accpeted:

001. Vote
002. Promote
003. Post often


004.where'd you hear about us:
005.Ten bands:
006.Promote yours or a friends band:
007.Post this community in one other place and then show the link:
008.What do you want to be when you grow up:
009.If you could hang out with anyone, who would it be:
010.If you could have sex with anyone, who would it be:
011.What would you do if you had a million dollars:
012.What are two things that you strongly believe in and why:
013.What are two things you like best about yourself and why:
014.If you could redo one thing, what would it be:
015.If you were a color, what color would you be and why:
016.What time did you wake up today, and why?:
017.What's your most embarrassing story:
018.Make us laugh:
019.One reason you think you belong here:
020.What do you think about pokemon:
021.What do you think about Fashioncore:
022.What do you thin about Nu-Metal:
023.Glad this shit is over:

post your pictures here at least 3

accepted rejected banners


join this glam_to_themax
50_h4w7 [five zero underscore H four W seven]

affliated comms


общество, политика, религия, еда, отношения