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oh sexxx.

001.Name: Ashley. or  XRENOX.
002.Location: reno fucking nevada. but im stuck in kansas city missouri right now.
003.Age: seventeen.
004.where'd you hear about us: just browsing around i guess...
005.Ten bands: norma jean. poison the well. underoath. dashboard. deathcabforcutie. the bled. bleeding through. the cute. the smiths. HIM.
006.Promote yours or a friends band: www. (or .com)
007.Post this community in one other place and then show the link: cant i promote after im accepted?? please?? then i will i promise
008.What do you want to be when you grow up: i want to own my own tattoo and piercing shop
009.If you could hang out with anyone, who would it be: some seriously cool edge girls. and my boyfriend.
010.If you could have sex with anyone, who would it be: my boyfriend. hella.
011.What would you do if you had a million dollars: open up my shop. donate to childrens hospitals. and open a music venue as well.
012.What are two things that you strongly believe in and why: straightedge. because it proves you to be a stronger person to not give in to the pressure society puts on you. and being true to yourself. whether it be making yourself happy, regardless of what anyone else thinks says or feels. you have to make yourself happy, before you make anyone else happy.
013.What are two things you like best about yourself and why: i like the way i am. i like that i am passionate about things i, edge, photography. and i like that even though i get told im cliche sometimes, i know im not and there isnt someone thats exactly like me.
014.If you could redo one thing, what would it be: leaving reno. and my first serious boyfriend i ever had, i would have known when enough was enough and not put up with the things i have.
015.If you were a color, what color would you be and why: red. i like attention. but not too much.
016.What time did you wake up today, and why?: at 930 because my dad told me there was breakfast.
017.What's your most embarrassing story: i cant honestly answer that. plenty of embarassing things happened to me, but i just cant think of them now. sorry
018.Make us laugh: so...i just started a new school on thursday...some girl walks up to me and says:

her: are you new?

me: yes. whats your name?

her: she says her name (i cant remember it now). then gives me a dirty look. and asks where im from.

me: reno....nevada.

her: it hot in reno? (once again another mean look)

me: yes. but not humid hot. its just hot there.

her: does everyone dress like you do there (said in a rude way)?

me: no. but people get the shit beat out of them for looking and saying what you just said to me. reno kids are tough. and i could kick your ass.

her: oh....*walks away* its not funny when you read it....but it was funny when it happened cause im not very tough at all...
019.One reason you think you belong here: because im smart and open minded, i love hearing about certian issues and helping people.
020.What do you think about pokemon: ew....
021.What do you think about Fashioncore: i think people are a little too concerned with being "fashioncore" but i like it. and i have been called fashioncore before too.
022.What do you thin about Nu-Metal: eh. its alright. not horrible.
023.Glad this shit is over: it was fun.

im on the right....

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