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Welcome, everyone!

This is a LiveJournal community dedicated to making CSI: New York icons. If you're here, you either like making icons or you like snagging them - either one is cool.


1. Every icon you post here must be your own. You can't take other people's icons and post them here, whether you have their permission or not.

2. Respect the artists wishes. If an artist asks you to credit them, credit them. If the artists asks you not to hotlink, don't hotlink. Be curtious.

3. If you have more than three icons, please put the rest behind a LJ-cut. If you don't, I will edit the message for you.

4. Making icons takes a lot of time and patience. So if you like an icon, take the 4 seconds it takes to let the artist know they did a good job. Similarly, if you're taking an icon, let the artist know. It helps them know how good a job they're doing.

5. You're more than welcomed to post fanart or friends only banners, as long as they're reduced in size. If for some reason you can't resize them, put them behind a LJ-cut.

6. Have fun and get creative! CSI: NY has awesome cinematography and pretty actors ;). Great for making icons.


1. Past My Shoulder - Great screen caps of every single episode.

2. Cap It! - Multiple fandom screen caps. Browse through the memories for the NY icons.

3. CSI: New York - Official website.

4. Icon Tutorial - Great place to go learn how to make icons.