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Michael Jackson Fans

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Post anything related to Michael Jackson
*Just know and remember that I can delete anything I feel shouldn't be on this journal.
*Post icons, wallpaper, artwork, etc. Remember the LJ-cut. :-)

For anyone trying to join
I will NOT approve memeberships if:

1. You have no journal entries
2. You have no friends added to your livejournal
3. You have anti-Michael Jackson stuff in your LJ (duh)

For anyone who does not like Michael Jackson
Find another community to waste your time on. Thank you.

If you are experiencing problems with the community, or you would like to suggest something to make it better, leave me a message on my LJ or make a post in the community. Try not to ask to be added to my personal LJ. Thanks and enjoy!

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This community is moderated by:
spookyjess and jstevens1986

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