Hello MJ Fans!
I'm really really sorry if this isn't allowed but I know how some MJ fans love this BB Dakota Battalion MJ-Inspired military jacket.

I'm selling it cause I bought it on impulse :(

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Once again, I'm really sorry if this isn't allowed.
(MJ) will you be there angel wings

"I Will Remember You" Tribute Video

Today marks one year since Michael Jackson has passed away. I decided to create a tribute video in honour of him, set to the song, "I Will Remember You" by Ryan Cabrera. The clips are from Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies, a program that aired in 2003. I hope you enjoy it! May Michael live on through his music and in our hearts forever. ♥

P.S. If YouTube removes this due to copyright issues, it can also be found here on Facebook. :)

1 Year...

...And it hasn't gotten any easier for me. I'm trying my best to function today, but all I want to do is lay in bed with my computer with all his videos and cry.
A year ago today we lost one of the greatest, human beings to grace this earth. I feel like a part of me is missing. Theres a hole in my heart. Like i've lost a family member. Michael accomplished more in his life than any two people i've ever met. He was truly a beautiful person, inside and out.
We don't have cable right now, so i'm missing all of the specials & tributes, so i've decided to create my own. It's nothing compared to what some people are doing today, but I think Michael knows just how much he means to me now. I will wear my MJ tshirt, listen to his music, and watch his videos.


Michael, heres something from me to you:

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We all know what today marks.....

What are you doing to mark today? I am planning a simple and low-key tribute. Watching a DVD of his videos and maybe (FINALLY!) getting a copy of "This is It" on DVD.
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Niou: Magic! *smirks*

Preorder of MJ Official T-shirts


I'm opening just ONE preorder for the MJ goods
from the original TBS shop over here

Sharing shipping costs would be great, considering how ex the item originally is ~ (it would be shipped to my house than towards your house (which ever country you are in ~)

This is just the rough pricing, will be revised once I can confirm how much the shipping it is to MY house.

and than to YOURS (would be additional shipping cost).

Terms and Conditions before ordering:

  1. All goods are originals from Japan.
  2. Once payment accepted, your order would be placed. No refunds would be entertained.
  3. However, If I'm unable to get your orders, refund would be made asap.
  4. Last day of my preordering would be on the 2nd July 2010.
  5. Estimated arrival date: 1-2 weeks.
  6. In the meantime upon order and payment completed, I would send an sms/email/msn to notify you about the collection date (which often is 1 day later / to your availability after I receive)
  7. Temporary price - may either increase in price or decrease in price. But your order will be taken.
  8. Orders without full payment will not be taken in.
  9. If you don't trust me, don't order. Thank you.
Payment Methods
  1. POSB/DBS/UOB bank transfer/Concealed Cash/Paypal/Western Union
  2. Mass meetup at either Clement MRT, Bugis MRT  or Tampines MRT depending on my schedule.
  3. Ships internationally - shipping price not included (i will have to calculate that separately)
  4. May depends on the no. of buyers at a particular area - I would consider going to that particular nearest MRT.
There is a total of 2 costs you would need to pay me, firstly would be cost price of the T-shirt, and 2nd the shipping (which would be calculated during the 2nd week of July when the preorder is closed)

1. Movie This is IT T-shirt [Size: S,M,L]
Shirt size:
Price: $75 SGD

2. Phatom Tour: This is IT T-shirt: Phatom [Size: M,L]

Shirt size:
S: 69 Length, Width 44 × 40cm length sleeves
M: 73 Length, Width 50 × 45cm length sleeves
L: 75
Length, Width 55 × 48cm length sleeves
Price: $66 SGD

3. Phatom Tour: This is IT T-shirt: King Of Pop [Size: S,M,L]

Shirt size:
S: 69 Length, Width 44 × 40cm length sleeves
M: 73 Length, Width 50 × 45cm length sleeves
L: 75
Length, Width 55 × 48cm length sleeves
Price: $66 SGD

4. Phatom Tour: This is IT T-shirt: Dancer [Size: S, M,L]
Shirt size:
S: 69 Length, Width 44 × 40cm length sleeves
M: 73 Length, Width 50 × 45cm length sleeves
L: 75
Length, Width 55 × 48cm length sleeves
Price: $66 SGD

5. Phatom Tour: This is IT T-shirt: I love MJ [Size: S, M,L] <-Ladies Cut

Shirt size:
S: 57 Length, Width × 38  × 30cm length sleeves
M: 59 Length, Width × 40 × 32cm length sleeves
L: 61 Length, Width × 42 × 34cm length sleeves
Price: $66 SGD

Order Format:
Item Name:
Email Add:
Payment Method (choice of whichever bank as stated):

You can also placed an order on the items which are coming soon as well. I would inform you the final price after all the shipping prices are fixed.

Comments are screened for buyer privacy.
(Please leave your email for easier contact purposes)