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19 Icons & Colorbar

Hiiiii! :) I'm new.

This is my first icon post. Ever.
Please forgive me if you think they're horrible, but I really know nothing about making icons. x.x

01.Image Hosted by 02.Image Hosted by 03.Image Hosted by 04.Image Hosted by
05.Image Hosted by 06.Image Hosted by 07.Image Hosted by 08.Image Hosted by
09.Image Hosted by 10.Image Hosted by 11.Image Hosted by 12.Image Hosted by
13.Image Hosted by 14.Image Hosted by 15.Image Hosted by 16.Image Hosted by
17.Image Hosted by 18.Image Hosted by 19.Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Please comment & credit if you use any. :)

Any productive criticism / tips / advice would be great.
Please be honest and tell me what you think of them.

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