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Monday, 17 April 2006

The Englishman who took the Crazy Frog to number one in the charts is to become pop superstar Michael Jackson's new manager.

Guy Holmes, Gut Records boss, has flown to Bahrain to sign with the star who has been living there with his children for some time now.

Jackson has reportedly been working out and preparing a spectacular pop comeback - and he has enlisted Holmes to help him.

Besides helping animated ringtone Crazy Frog top the charts and make a fortune for its German makers in the process, Holmes is a genius at helping older acts stay in the stay in the limelight.

Tom Jones had a great 1999 album Reload, the LP that featured raunchy track Sex Bomb and it is well known that Crazy Frog gure masterminded Tom Jones' pop makeover with the mentioned album.
He's also the man behind electropop icons Sparks' latest release.

Gut Records refused to confirm the deal - but spokesperson Sue Harris revealed, "An announcement will be made next week."

Source: UK News / MJJForum

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