November 2nd, 2006

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info for moscow fans: 5 ноября в 19-00 в клубе "Сова" (метро Китай-город) дискотека Майкла Джексона.
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I didn't get a Michael calendar last year because I couldn't find one, but amazon have one for 2007.

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If you want the link to it then just click the image above and it'll take you there. (I'm so impressed I did that!)

The new Official Michael Jackson Calendar (2007) will be
released in October 2006. The calendar's cover shows the King of Pop in a
heroic pose and in golden colour during his Bad World Tour from 1987
celebrating the 20th anniversary of Michael Jackson's legendary Bad
album, a true milestone of popular music.
Get the new 2007 official calendar now to experience the new year with
Michael Jackson right by your side. 2007 is going to be the year of Michael
Jackson with a new album, new single, and much more to be released. Get
ready for the year 2007 - now!

This new high-class calendar contains 14 pages with rarely or never before
seen photos depicting the remarkable life of music's biggest icon. See
Michael Jackson during his Bad, Dangerous and HIStory world tours.
Also included are great photographs from 2005 and 2003 showing Michael
Jackson's latest works.

Contains 14 photos of the King of Pop. This calendar is a photographic review of Michael Jackson's career.