August 31st, 2006

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A little MJ Survey

Hello everybody!

It's the first time I post in this community! I'm a Mike fan since I was 7 and I'm now 23. I'm french, so excuse my stupid english mistakes ^_^
I wanted to post a little survey in order to know a little more about other members of this community, and their <3 for Michael :)
I hope a lot of you will answer this survey :)

I am a fan since: 1991 ("Black or White" 's released)
Favorite album: difficult question, I'd say probably HIStory (because it's the most personal) or Dangerous
Favorite songs: Who is it (my fave of all), Billie Jean, Black or white, Off the Wall, Break of Dawn, will you be there, money, the lady in my life, stranger in moscow,  they don't care about us, liberian girl, man in the mirror etc
Favorite love song: I hesitate between liberian girl and the lady in my life
Favorite music video: smooth criminal
Favorite Michael outfit: probably the gold pants and the outfit from the Black or White music video (part 2)
Favorite choregraphy: The Smooth Criminal or the Dangerous' one. Actually, I love all  his dance moves, even the most little ones :)

Post a pic of Michael that you love: 

You can add some questions to the survey if you want to!

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The "Thriller" Musical rocked!!!

Hey guys,

I just have to come back to Thriller once again!!! That musical just kicked ass, people. I'm telling you! It was amazing...u could really see all the hard work people put into this project!
It was only at the very beginning of the first song that I had tears in my eyes for that little girl did such an amazing job!!! Anyways, all the kids performing were just so wonderful and talented. Their singing sent shivers down my spine throughout the entire show. But the most touching moment for me was speechless sung by these beautiful four kids!!! It was the very first time I heard this song live and it couldn't have been better!

Moreover, the dancers were electrifying...just so full of energy. I couldn't take my eyes off the stage for even the slightest moment. Especially The Dangerous Mix and The way you make me feel were stunning. Several times the audience would stand, dance and clap during the whole show. The atmosphere was almost as magical as at any MJ concert. I also loved the short trailers of MJ like the BOW-ending or MITM Live!!

I know for sure that I'm going to return to see this show again if it will ever tour , which I hope desperately!

Anyways, more highlights were: Music and me, Whose loving you (incredible), I just can't stop loving you, Beat it and of course Thriller. Navi didn't impress me much but that is for I don't like him all that much anyway lol.

thanks again to Adrian Grant (producer) all the dancers and singers,all the people involved in the project and of course all the wonderful MJ Fans that came to make this event so special!

Anyone of u was there as well, how did u like it???
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