March 1st, 2006

Michael - 2bad

new book by Michael himself - a fake

Amazon has listed a new book by Michael Jackson, a photo book including some poems, called "My World", which is to be released on March 30 2006. Here is the description from "The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, breaks his silence. In his first book in 14 years, the living pop-icon tries to explain himself to the world once again. In 'My World', Jackson speaks out about his childhood-idols, his inspirations and about living the most famous life in the world with only a few normalities.

"The book features more than 40 full colour photos from Michael Jackson's private photo archive. Never before seen pictures show Michael Jackson on stage, in the studio, on award-shows and very privately at his home. A photographic review of his career and unique life on and off stage. A close up portrait of the world's greatest entertainer, a human being with emotions and fascinating thoughts which are the result of forty years being in the worldwide spotlight. Synopsis: Michael Jackson's very personal retrospective of his life, in pictures and some hand-written poems."

You may pre-order the book e.g. at or

(Sources: Amazon, IFC International)

It's not by Michael himself, Dieter Wiesner is publishing it. Thanks to watermark260783 we have this statement from Michael Jackson's spokeswoman:

Hello Keen,

Mr. Jackson did not authorize this book, nor was he aware that it was
being published.

Thank you.

Raymone K. Bain
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