February 21st, 2006


Supposedly there's to be a series of dual disc singles realesed by Michael Jackson on February 20th. I checked MJNI.com and that's what it said. Does anyone know if this is a set date and if it will only be sold at certain stores that carry CD's/Videos/DVDs? I went to a local FYE store and they didn't have it. So maybe it was shipped on the 20th? I have no idea but I do hope its released soon! Thanks to anyone who can give me any more information.

[EDIT]I just wanted to add this in instead of making a new entry. Debbie Rowe is tryign to win custody over Michael's kids because she thinks they're not safe with him because of the recent child molestation and becuase of the location that they're currently living (does anyone know where Michael is at now?) Also, the glitter glove is being auctioned off on eBay! I wish I had the money for it. I can't remember what the news channel said it was being sold ofr, either $25,000 or $250,000. There's a big difference between the two, haha.[/EDIT]