September 15th, 2004

by msfiction

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that stupid joke of a "book" that we all read about.. All that coming out, and its already starting to get all this media attention. theyre going to have it on dateline, everything. just check the site for scheduled events. im really really afraid.

we are going to be attacked (verbally. duh.), hassled, and harrased. dont be surprised if someone finds out youre an mj fan and yells something like "WHAT ABOUT THAT BOOK!"

im disgusted just thinking about it.

maybe im over reacting, but why the hell cant we do anything about this? i know it was said before, and plans were being made, but why cant we DO anything? i mean really, really do something for michael to defend him. i for one, am SICK of sitting back and watching people like this chandler guy swim in media attention for a book thats completely based off of bullshit. complete bullshit.

and of course, the world will be convinced that michael is a molestor, rapes little boys, and is a disgusting weirdo who should be thrown in jail.

i am sick. sick sick sick of all of this. i really love how many of you fans go out and support mj at the hearings/arraignments etc. but i cant make it out there, especially not during school. i feel like im almost betraying him by letting this book come out. we should have enough power to stop its publication. all of us are more than one brainwashed man.

rediculous. disgusting. unnecessary.

when will anyone learn?

pish posh

i cannot stand people anymore.

p.s. nobody has to read this if you don't want to, this is what i am feeling, it is a rant, and it is about MJ, so i decided to post it here for any of you that care

but yeah, with all this new stuff going on, i can't help but be thouroughly pissed off all the time. and almost everyday i get asked 'why i like Michael Jackson.' and i always respond 'give me one reason to NOT like Michael Jackson' of course i will get comments such as 'he rapes little boys' and all that disgusting crap.. im sure you all knoe.. and i hate that. everyone who says that, i always say "Prove it.' but some people have actually said to me 'how about YOU prove that he is innocent'. they tell me i don't knoe Michael, i don't knoe him personally, that i dont knoe what he thinks and feels, and whether or not he would do something like that.

But in my eyes, i DO knoe Michael. We all knoe Michael. I hate how people judge him on what they hear on the t.v. and read in the stupid fucking tabloids. Everyone IS brainwashed. Nobody takes the time to listen to what Michael has to say. Nowadays it seems everyone i talk to thinks he is guilty, but no one knoes, no one pays attention to his music. If someone were to actually go beyond the t.v., news, tabloids, and actually pay attention to what Michael has to say... actually listen to his songs [not just the popular ones..] and listen to what he says in his songs..listen to the emotion he puts in...listen to everything he writes and every little brilliant thing that comes out of his mouth...they would KNOE that Michael Jackson is innocent...

the problem here is, that no one does take the time..

wow, sorry about that, i had a lot on my mind.

The end!
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Is the gag-order still in effect?

Okay, sorry to drag this whole "All That Glitters" topic on.... but maybe I am missing something here: I thought there was a gag-order on this whole case - I don't understand why the Chandler family get to talk and write so much about the case and Michael never says anything? I don't understand that.... it is certainly unfiar. What do you think?