December 24th, 2003

GGD: Jonny/Dimmed and Gone

Man I Haven't Posted In A While

New Billboard Poll in Michael's Favour
Monday, December 22, 2003
Music lovers appreciate the music

Michael Jackson's recent arrest has had little affect on fans' appreciation of his music, according to a poll published on Billboard online.

Of 10,263 voters, 62% said they have always enjoyed Jackson's music in spite of his unusual personal life. Just 14% of respondents said that it is now difficult to listen to his music without being affected by the nature of the charges. The rest of the responders indicated that they did not listen to Michael's music - pre or post arrest.
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GGD: Jonny/Dimmed and Gone

I Wanna Know

I heard that they are suppose to air the Michael Jackson special that they cancled last month. Did anyone else here about that? Also, what is the Order Of Islam? I'm hearing Michael joined the Order Of Islam and some wacky story that he is secretly married to a muslim woman (the married thing I saw in a tabliod so I have no idea why I'm wondering about it). Somebody want to tell me if they heard anything about this stuff?
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Karen O; and kittens!

Great news! (happy holidays too)

CBS May Air Jackson Special
Michael Jackson Number Ones, CBS' Michael Jackson music special that was scrapped last month when child molestation allegations against the singer surfaced, may air after all. Sources told The Hollywood Reporter Tuesday that the network is considering a January airdate for the hour-long retrospective, which was originally scheduled for Nov. 26 in conjunction with the release of Jackson's greatest hits album, Michael Jackson Number Ones. TV news circles were also abuzz yesterday about Jackson possibly sitting down for an interview with Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes next month.

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