December 19th, 2003

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Just joining for a minute to say this: I used to be a fan of MJ’s. I’m not now. I used to love him, now I really hate him. I’d cry uncontrollably if he was criticised.
  That’s probably why I can’t stand him now. I think he sings like a girl & his music bores me.

 I can’t stand the way he masturbated on “Black Or White”. You could see how much pleasure he got from what he was doing from the look on his face, filthy prat.I also think he DID do what he was alleged to have done & if he is innocent, which I doubt, he should still be locked up for putting veils over his kids. I hate kids but in no way would I do that to a 6-year-old kid, or any kid for that matter.
Ok, the papers print stuff that’s wrong sometimes but they do print stuff w/ a bit of truth.

 1.         Why would MJ give them $$$ to shut up if he is innocent? He’s SCARED  of going to prison, that’s why.

2.         Gavin Arvizo had cancer, poor boy, so he wouldn’t want $$$.

3.         The aides @ Neverland KNOW there is stuff going on.

4.         Why would people say that over & over again?

5.  People w/ learning disabilities may act younger than they are, which explains why MJ – 45-yrs-old, wants kids’ toys………but he is not learning-disabled!!

Makes me $%&%£*$ sick. You lot SUPPORT him, there’s s/t wrong w/ you all. For god's sake, man. A normal guy who does that would get locked up. He doesn't. He's a celebrity, he's really special. Yeah right. Nobody acts like he does. Lock him up, now!

  I used to be a huge fan......even I lost interest. Doesn't that tell you lot s/t? I don’t mean to be horrid. I’m just trying to make you lot see the reality of it.


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