December 12th, 2003

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Police Brutality in Santa Barbara????

Jermaine Jackson made a surprise appearance today via phone to speak to Dan Abrams on the Abrams Report on MSNBC.

In a voice filled with emotion, Jermaine stated that at the time that Michael voluntarily surrendered himself to the Santa Barbara police, he was physically roughed up while in their control.

Try as he might, Dan Abrams could not get to the details, but Jermaine assured him over and over again that Michael has the proof and it will be shown very soon. Jermaine stated that he could not discuss any details of the incident except to reiterate that Michael has the proof.

Jermaine also indicated that if this type of treatment by police can happen to Michael, there is a serious problem within the system.

The Dan Abrams Report will repeat again at 9pm ET on MSNBC.

Source: MJJF
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Jacko's parents insist on Michael's innocence

11/12/2003 - 14:32:22

Michael Jackson’s parents have insisted their son is innocent of child sex abuse allegations and promised to adopt his children if he loses custody of them.

Joe and Katherine Jackson said they would fight any attempt by the authorities to have his three children removed from the family.

They said prosecutors were trying to “humiliate” their pop star son.

In an interview to be screened on Monday, Mr Jackson said: “We’re not going to let nobody take those kids.

“They’re Michael’s kids. They has no right to take those kids.”

Jackson has two children, Prince Michael I, six, and Paris, five, from his three-year marriage to Debbie Rowe.

The mother of his third child, Prince Michael II, born in 2002, has never been made public.

Thriller star Jackson, 45, has called sex abuse claims made against him by a teenage cancer survivor a “big lie”.

Doubts about his accuser’s credibility have been raised in recent days - social workers in California investigated the same claims earlier this year and called them “unfounded”.

During interviews with the boy, his mother, brother and sister denied that the singer ever behaved inappropriately.

But prosecutors in Santa Barbara have vowed to press on with the case.

And Los Angeles lawyer Gloria Allred officially reported Jackson to the authorities, saying she had “great concern” for the pop star’s children.
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