December 8th, 2003


i'm not too sure if i'm doing this right. i'm a tad bit confused on the whole posting in a community jaun. but anywho.. mj is fucking awesome.


[ps - i'm lacking in the lj friend department, so if anyone wants to add me, i'll love you forever.]
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Check This Out

I don't know if anyone posted this yet, but I'll post it anyway. All I got to say is HAHAHAHAHAH. Tom Sneddon is a fucking numbskull. Read this.

Phone Lines Fail To Bring More Allegations
By Mark Sage, PA News, in New York

No one has come forward to make additional allegations against embattled pop star Michael Jackson after a tip-off phone line was set up by police, it emerged today.

The news came amid fresh doubts about the strength of the child sex abuse allegations made against Jackson by a 13-year-old cancer survivor. Jackson has called claims that he abused the boy at his Neverland ranch in Santa Barbara, California, a "big lie".

Sergeant Chris Pappas of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department said today that about 70 calls had been received by police about the case in the last two weeks.

Only a handful had provided information which could be followed up and no further accusations had been made against the 45-year-old singer, he said. "At this point in time none have clearly identified new cases for independent investigation," he said.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported that the Santa Barbara District Attorney, Thomas Sneddon, has twice delayed filing formal charges against Jackson.

Jackson's lawyer Mark Geragos has questioned whether the star will be charged at all.

"I'm not so sure there's even going to be a charging document," he said.

But in previous comments Mr Sneddon has defended the case saying: "It just doesn't make any sense that the Sheriff and I would do something that is doomed in the long run to fail."

The credibility of the accuser has already been called into doubt following a claim that he and his mother recently signed legal papers saying the pop star "never acted inappropriately".

It has also been revealed that the boy's family has launched two other abuse-related lawsuits in the past, winning a $90,000 settlement in one case.
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