November 30th, 2003

GGD: Jonny/Dimmed and Gone

New Community.

I made a new community for Michael Jackson fans:


I'm not trying to take you guys away from this community, I just want you guys to have MJ locations. I made this community a closed one, so if you want in....just post a comment on my Live Journal. I'll be more then happy to add you! I made it a closed community becuse I didn't want any of these anti MJ jerkoffs to get in like they have on thiis community.

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    They Don't Care About Us - Michael Jackson
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I would like to take the time out to apologize for the offensive remarks posted recently by "frogcode" and "rubbarubba". They are banned from the community.

I will continue to delete entries like this. However, I ask that if they do come up, just don't respond. Don't give these ignorant people the time of day. They're just posting here to upset you. If you continue to respond to their lame insults, they will feel good about themselves. Just ignore them. I cannot keep you guys from expressing your opinion, so this is just a suggestion. sorry I took so long to delete them. I've been a bit busy.

To people who feel the need to insult Michael Jackson:
Don't even bother. You will be deleted and banned in no time.

congrats to selena_j for the new community. I'm not going to make my friends list the way she has it. I'll just continue to delete and ban users. You never really know if that person is going to make an offensive post or not. Also, thanks to her for the new background on the community.

Continue to post and enjoy the community. Spread the word to continue the support.

Thanks to people who have been posting updates on television reports, news, etc.