November 28th, 2003

&~& Dream %~%

*~* MJ dReAm *~*
Last night- I dreamt a dream with MJ. I dreamt that I went to this show, and he was playing at it. I was there with some ppl. I snuck backstage and met him. He was in a hurry so he couldnt really talk to me. I told him about the painting, and that I liked him and admired him. He told me that he was moving from USA. That he was sick of it already, he couldnt take it anymore that he wanted to be accepted. So I told him that he should escape and I would help him! (im doing this painting of him as smooth criminal* and i wanted to send it to him, so he gave me is address and he wasnt sure of giving it to me cauz he didnt want anybody to find him. So we share a hug and I dont rem. the rest. Im sure we didnt fornicate cauz i would remember! lol

well thats the dream...i hope michael is innocent and escapes. I like him, but I think it would be better 4 him in another country where they accept him and love him for his personality!
thats wat you do for a person who you love*~* give them the best oppurtunity to be happy!

peace and free michael
aero vero
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Michael Jackson’s father dishes out Thanksgiving dinners for poor

LAS VEGAS - Joe Jackson, the patriarch of the Jackson family, dished out Thanksgiving dinners on Thursday to the poor and said he was not concerned about the child-molestation allegations against his famous son.

He would not say where Michael Jackson spent the holiday.

“He’s having a happy Thanksgiving,” Joe Jackson said at a turkey-with-trimmings meal sponsored by developers who plan to rebuild the fire-ravaged Moulin Rouge hotel-casino in Las Vegas.

Michael Jackson, 45, has been out of public sight since returning to the Las Vegas area after surrendering in Santa Barbara, Calif., to face child molestation allegations. He is free on bail, and prosecutors have said they expect to file formal charges next month.

“He’s a good boy,” Joe Jackson said. “I raised him good, and so I’m not too worried about other things that’s happened.”

Source: World News
woody allen


Hey guys! Zach here. I joined this community because I want to see how you all feel towards what the media is currently reporting about Michael. Do you think that he did anything sexual to his children on the Neverland ranch? Personally, I take his words to heart and feel that he is being completely honest. It would be so incredible if there were more people like him, but it's the public perception of his actions that creates a problem. We live in a society focussed on sex, sex, sex, and if anyone does anything even remotely in that arena, the public jumps to conclusions. Anyway, what do you guys think?
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