November 22nd, 2003

GGD: Jonny/Dimmed and Gone

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I'm glade to see some of the michaeljackson community members over here. I'm advertising MJfans on my LJ trying to get as many of the michaeljackson community members over here. We all have to stick together
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Wow. this community sure has grown in the past couple days. so i will take this opportunity to promote my mj site- its called the MJ Gallery at and it has over 5,000 pictures of MJ, and many more to come(when i am not too lazy) please visit it and sign the guestbook.
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Tom Sneddon is full of crap.

Hi! I'm from the MJ community that was deleted a few days ago. I'm really glad this community was made. It was just made a few days ago, yes? Thanks for making it, spookyjess!

I'm really disappointed CBS postponed the special they were going to have on Michael. Any idea on when they will air it? I heard it will be after the trials.
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Hi, I am originally from the other Michael Jackson community, the one the was deleted out-of-the-blue - I actually e-mailed the owners and asked them why it was deleted and if I could take-over, but I got no replay. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Frances. I am 20. Female. I live in Toronto, Canada. I love everything to do with the arts. I have been a serious Michael fan for about two years now. And I am especially interested in these new charges against Michael, and I want to find out as much as I can, and I look forward to discussing the case with you all. We really need to stick together now more then ever. Hopefully all goes well for Michael, and I am praying that he is innocent, as I believe he is. Anyhow, feel free to visit my personal journal to learn more about me.
GGD: Jonny/Dimmed and Gone

My Poem To Michael

I just thought I would post this poem I wrote here since there are only two MJ community members (that I know of) that visit my LJ. The poem is also posted over there. I think this came out pretty good since right now I'm in sorta a prose phase. I'm better at writing stories.

In the world of Pop, you're called the King.
You light up the stage when you dance and sing.
We've watched you and praised you for so many years.
We've shared in both your laughter and tears.
Now we see out raven haired angel bound in modern day shackles.
It tears our hearts to see your sad face look back at us though soulless cameras.
But you'll show the world that your innocence is true.
And damn the monsters who took advantage of you.
So keep your head up high, no matter what they say and do.
Because it is your fans that will always stick by you.

A.K.A. Selena_J
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Karen O; and kittens!


Is the Bad version from the Moonwalker VHS the full version? I know the full version of Bad is on the History DVD volume one but didn't know about Moonwalker.
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