November 21st, 2003

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Alright - our hero is in trouble. are his fans going to abandon him when he needs us the most? never. I stand behing Michael 100%! INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. and I think we all know that Michael would NEVER harm a child in ANY way! So lets do al we can to show our love and support of the KING OF POP!

oh yea.. I'm new here.. was from the other community which seems to have been deleted...

I support Michael.
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I finally heard something substantially good from the news, not from a fan club website. Major news stations are already reporting that the alleged victim's father is blatantly saying that the accusations made against Michael Jackson are completely unfounded and that Michael Jackson violated his son in no way. The boy's father said that this is the product of a bitter custody battle [sound familiar??] and is all the mother's doing. The news reporter said that this boy was on a British documentary with Michael Jackson and considering most of the reports I've read/seen describe the "victim" as a 12-year old cancer patient, I'm figuring this must be Gavin from "Living With Michael Jackson," which is pretty ridiculous since that child's entire family was defending Mr. Jackson in the special. The prosecution's defense [that sounds strange..] for happening to do all of this on the day that an album came out is that this case has existed since February but the DA has been very busy. February, folks. That is the same month that the "Living With Michael Jackson" special aired. I recall reading all sorts of articles in February about Gavin being mocked and hounded by the media for holding hands with Mr. Jackson. It doesn't seem so strange to me that his mother would possibly want to avenge her son's ridicule, so her family is not perceived as some sort of societal outcast. I need to go to school now but I'm a little more positive now because so many people are already questioning the validity of these accusations and so if Mr. Jackson's being framed really becomes public, that could help dispel the legend that he is a child molester.
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Dear friends, can anyone make an LJ userpic for me? I am not good at it, or I would do it myself. Maybe a pic of Michael's hand showing a V sign on his way out of the police station and words "innocent until proven guilty" or something like that....

I was very upset to find out the other community - michaeljackson got deleted. I hope it won't happen to this place...