November 20th, 2003

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Worldwide Candle Light Vigils on Saturday, November 22nd, 2003 in Support of Michael Jackson

Bring Candles, Banners: "Michael Jackson is Innocent" or "Michael Jackson: Innocent until Proven Guilty" and Posters. Wear MJ T. shirts.
Play Michael's songs: "Heal the World", "The Lost Children", "Childhood", "Speechless", "Will you be there" ... and if you feel it: "Shout" and "Scream" ...


France, Paris - 5pm local time at the Champs Elysees in front of Virgin Megastore [contact:]

  • California:
    - San Francisco - 5pm PST at Pier 39 [contact: Raquel @]
    - Los Angeles - 5pm PST at Michael Jackson's Star - Hollywood Walk of Fame [contact: Faze @]

  • Nevada, Las Vegas - 5pm PST at CSX Las Vegas Studio [contact: Jenna at or Farah at]

  • Arizona, Phoenix - 7pm local time at Pappadeaux´s Seafood restaurant [contact: Rebecca at (email until Friday)]

  • New York, Time Square - 5pm EST in front of Virgin Megastore [contact: Reece at]

  • Canada, Toronto - 5pm local time at Dundas Square in downtown Toronto, Dundas & Yonge st [contact: CMJFC at or]

    Spain, Madrid - Sunday 23, Time and Place to be confirmed [contact:]

    Will You Be There?
    There'll be more and I'll keep you posted.

    This action is fully supported and endorsed by Mr. Stuart Backerman.

    For those who will gather in front of a music store, I think it's a pretty good idea to take the opportunity to buy the Greatest Hits "Number Ones" if not done yet.
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    This whole thing makes me sad

    Michael Jackson was arrested today.
    Charges were filed against him.
    I still love the performer that he is.
    He has given me some of the most wonderful childhood memories.

    It makes me sad to think about the allegations. If he is convicted, if there is sufficient and incriminating evidence, then I honestly think I would cry about this. It is going to take a lot to make me believe all this.

    It is just sad.
    People can't just leave him alone.
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    hi new

    Hello all I just joined because I love Michael Jackson..and I support him now more than ever. Question though...what happened to the other Michael Jackson community michaeljackson ? it was just up and running last night. Just wondering if any of you knew.

    <3 nilsa
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