November 19th, 2003

*MJ Fan*

*~* Me and my duckie(bf) are both really really really big MJ Fans. My duckie called from Cali to tell me about the incident of the Neverland that happened yesterday. We both want the media to leave MJ ALONE!! GOD! Pick on some1 ur own size stupid media faggets, we hate them all. Well He tells me that he began to protest, and that his boss almost fired him for doing that outside and in his job. He has been to Neverland Ranch, he hasnt gone inside but he is pretty close. He met MJ, here in Miami when he was at Aventura. I am proud of my Duckie, and I hope all of the fans try to put some moral support. "FREE MICHAEL" *I have started making shirts, if you would like to purchase one or want to see how you can make one yourself leave a post.


Love and Peace ^~^

Aero Vero and Duckie
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