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Some M.J. Wallpapers

Hey, everyone! It's been a long time since I posted in this community. I did a few M.J. wallpapers way back in 2009 after THIS IS IT came out. I haven't gotten around to posting them on here until now. There's no icons or banners. Just two wallpapers. Hope you all enjoy! :-)

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Gutted to be selling it but but it's too tight on the bust for me ;( This is a 'Amplified' Michael Jackson tee with his iconic dancing feet ;D The tshirt is charcoal grey and a mens xl, but, this is slim fitting. The bust measures 42" [21" from armpit to armpit] but does have a little stretch. Would like to get back what I paid or a good offer ;) So don't be scared to make offers!! If you live in the UK £10 inc postage, if you live outside of the UK it would be $19.00 inc postage. If you'd like it sent with insurance it would be extra. I have posted outside of the UK a lot [ok frequently lol] so I will package it super well to withstand the postal system ;3 Any questions, please ask ;) Oh and I will be posting this up elsewhere for sale so grab it quick ;'D

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I just got Sing It! Michael Jackson for my Wii!! I got lucky because it's not for sale here in the States! I feel like he's still here. I can't wait untilmy mic comes in!