Paris Hotaru

Texts from Paris?

Hey! Did anyone else sign up with Paris to get texts from her phone tonight during BFF? (Info was on her myspace blog.) If you did, did you get some weird text back from MTV? (Just want to make sure it went through my phone all right because I don't want to miss any texts tonight!)

Paris & her new BFF are ppz-ready!

Yesterday was out and about the Beverly Hills. Heiress stopped in at the Portofino Sun Center looking super casual and actually made a signature appearance of its own.

The combination included sweatpants and a motorcycle cap topped off with a t-shirt and handbag.

Rumors got there that Paris has actually found the perfect candidate to become her new BFF as part of her upcoming reality show ’s My New BFF. The show begins airing on September 30 on MTV.



Paris's BFF on MTV!

so i'm guessing by now everyone has heard of Paris's new show on MTV. theres an awesome girl named zui suicide whos competing! go check out her buzznet page to saty informed about all the action and drama on the show!

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