[REQUEST] Paris Hilton Album

Hey everyone~

I'm new to the community & hopefully it's okay to post something like this! Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has Paris's debut album that they could upload? I would really appreciate it & I'm excited to be part of this comm ♥!
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Shelley posted a MySpace blog: "My point of view regarding BFF show"

She makes some comments about Paris, talks about why she won't be at the reunion show, and other things.

First of all, people need to realize that what was aired was only a FRACTION of what actually went on during the show. MTV showed you exactly what they wanted you to see. My character was "shy, sensitive, Christian" and apparently BORING. Of course they're not going to show me cracking a joke, or being silly, or saying funny things. They wanted everyone to think I was "boring." I'm not exactly ecstatic about the way they portrayed me, but I can honestly say I would rather be called "boring" over slutty, or trashy, or fake.

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