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name! Stacey
location! united Kingdom
movies!Desperately seeking susan, Sleep hollow, The first wives club, The craft, american beauty, riding in cars with boys,Almost Famous
bands! Hole, Courtney Love, jack off Jill, Scarling, HIM , ASH, the cure, Nirvana, garbage, No doubt, Keane, Kittie, Roxy saint,Garbage
tell us something interesting and impressing about yourself! I write alot of songs and I'm hoping to start a band pretty soon.
fave song lyric!

"Another band another show
Time passes slow you know
And when you’re talking to me
My heart breaks for you, you see
Well yeah my opinions mean
I only like the most extreme
Nice to meet you I’m the tortured girl
I’m gonna paint my face around the world"

where the fuck do you work! I don't work I'm still at school.
do you like ice with salt! yes indeed!

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