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you know you fucking want me♥

Name. Alysha
Age. 15
Location. Whitelake, Michigan
Gender. [just so theres no confusion.] Female
Sexual orientation. Straight
Got a Lover? [pictures please.] Yes I do. His name is keith ; I have a lot ; sorry if this bothers anyone
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thats homecoming
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my friends house
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new years eve :)
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us at a club down in detroit. His band was playing there, he plays the drums if you didn't notice the sticks.

Bands. +15.
1. Avenged Sevenfold
2. Atreyu
3. Tegan and Sara
4. Marilyn Manson
5. Pat Benatar
5. Blondie
6. Sum 41 ( mostly their really old stuff )
7. The hives
8. Fatal Afire ( boyfriends band..but their amazing )
9. Evanescence
10. The Ramones
11. OLD Blink-182
12. OLD green day- I fucking hate american idiot. except american idiot and holiday.
13. The killers
14. The white stripes.
15. Jimmy eat world
17. Three days grace
1. Well, probably like almost every girl, The notebook
2. Life as a house
3. How to marry a millionare
4. Dodgeball
5. Mean girls
6. Crazy/Beautiful
7. Scary movie 2
8. Freddy got fingered
9. Thirteen
10.Tommy boy
11.Sixteen candles
12.Breakfast club
13.Ferris bullers day off
- Jenna Jameson:how to make love like a porn star
- FaceForward by Kevyn Aucoin
-MEET THE BARKERS. that is my ALLTIME favorite show.
-Anything on the style network
-The look for less
-Ghost hunters ( haha yeah, I'm kind of a dork )

either or.

Pepsi or coke. neither. Im a water girl
50 Cent or 2 Pac. 50 cent
Jeffree Star or Tila Tequila. oh my. this is so hard. Tila is lovley, but Jeffree all the way.
Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff. Lindsay lohan.
Democrat or Republican. Democrat.
Nsync or Backstreet Boys. oh my god. thats like..impossible. Ive always been more of an Nsync girl though.
Dinosaurs or Robots. Robots.
hoe or slut. haha..hoe.


Jeffree Star. OH MY GOD! Probably the most amazing human being ever. He is very talented at makeup, which makes him one of my idols. I love his hot fuschia hair, and just his everyday out-looks on life. not to metion his music, especially turn out the lights with hollywood undead. I think we will see a lot more of him in the future, I think he could be the next paris hilton, but better.

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does that clear a few things up? I personally think he is a moron, and that we should not be in Iraq. I think he has no brain what so ever, and everytime he tries to prove us wrong, he just makes himself look like more of a dumbass. I hate the fact that he barley helped with hurricane katrina, and a series of other things. I know we aren't going to but I think it would be a blessing if he became impeached because of the lie he told everyone. I can't wait until 2008.

What do you think about the mods?

Stayoutaorder- I think your amazingly cute. I love your glasses, hair, and livejournal layout.
___byebyelove- You have a very cool way of spelling your name. I love your sunglasses and your hair as well. your very pretty.

Promote us in 2 places. [give links sluts.]

3 or more pictures of your friends.
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joey :) GAY BEST FRIENDS = ♥
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Mat and alex. haha once again ( for both of them ) gay best friends = ♥
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thats courtney.

5 or more pictures of you.
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sorry the flash is really killer
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Image hosted by
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old hair cut
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sorry its blury.
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I wasn't just looks like it.

Thank you!


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