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leaving. [Tue Jan 3 06, 7:19PM]


sorry. i'm just not active, nor do i have the time.
take my heart

[Fri Dec 30 05, 2:14PM]

take my heart

cute is what we aim for...♥ [Tue Sep 27 05, 5:17PM]

[ mood | happy ]


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[Fri Sep 2 05, 9:21PM]

Brown Hair

that hot

i swear i dont have a gunCollapse )
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stamped.// its been forever! [Sun Aug 28 05, 6:18PM]

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[Sat Aug 27 05, 6:18PM]
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stamped///pictures [Tue Aug 9 05, 11:11AM]

[ mood | excited lilly is coming over! ]

my love came over the other dayCollapse )

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MOD - NEW MOD [Fri Jul 29 05, 2:14PM]
Dear Members,

I was a shitty mod. I allowed Bob to pirate the community because I was inactive. You have no idea how horrible I feel. I tried to fix things once, but stuff happened and I couldn't, and I'm sorry. You all probably have terrible opinions of me, and I deserve it, but I want to let you all know that this will be a real community again. Bob is gone, which means that I am the only mod, accept for my co-mod chelsea. I'm going to make her a regular mod, but I am still looking for one more person to help run the community.


I have fixed the members page according to all of the things that I have missed while I was inactive. I still have to add member points for the people who posted picture posts. I really hope that you all can forgive me so we can be an active community again.
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[Wed Jul 27 05, 10:10AM]

dont kick me out, im going to be grounded for a while < 3 love you all
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NEW THING [Mon Jun 27 05, 11:23PM]
showdown____ gave me an idea. So I'm stealing, if it's ok with Hannah. This is our points system, it's new.

Here is how you can get more points towards your extra vote! Everyone starts with 10 points.

Making a Picture Post: 10 points
Making a Theme Post: 15 points
Winning a Theme Award: 25 points
Initiating a face-off: 50 points
Accepting a face-off: 10 points
Winning a face-off: all the losers points
Reffering a Member: 45 points
Member of the Month: 60 points

The member with the most points at the end of the month gets their vote counted TWICE in all applications and face-offs!
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