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We're the bullet in your gun.

Join, and we will rate honestly because we love you like that :)

01; You must be 13 or over.
02; Post your application within 24 hours, failure to do so will result in you being banned.
03; No voting/posting until you've been stamped.
04; To make sure you've read these rules put "Pull The Trigger" in the subject line for your application
05; Do not post in Rich Text. It will make you look like a dumb ass.
06; If you change the application in any way you will be banned. Get it?
07; Don't be a retard. Respect the mods and stamped kids, after all, they do own you.
08; Don't change any of your application answers after you have posted them. This will result in you being banned.
09; Don't promote in Promoting Communities. If you do. Prepare to feel thy wrath.

01; Be honest.
02; Do not start fights with the mod(s).
03; Be active.
04; Promote your ass off.
05; Always use an lj-cut when posting more than one picture.
06; No promoting other communities.
07; When posting, put how many points you are earned in the subject box
08; When voting put Yes or No in the subject box, do not put anything else.
09; If you don't put the points in the subject box you won't earn the points
10; No racism/sexim

Fill it all in please they're only short!




Banners 2
Banners 3

14th February - 14th March

We wanna hear about your friends. We want to know EVERYTHING. Even if you don't particulary like them. You might as well have a go. Include pictures of special events and show your love!

Our Kick Ass Members

For not keeping to the rules and generally being a retard.

For also being a retard and lurking.

Coming Soon!
We need members first




Points will be awarded for most things you do.
Once you have earned enough points you can earn privileges. The person with the most points at the end of the month will become Member Of The Month

10 - Getting Stamped
5 - Each picture you post
50 - For every promotion you do
20 - For every banner you make (outside the application)
50 - For winning a challenge
10 - For participating in a theme or hunt.
30 - For everone you refer

500 = One Auto Acception
1000 = Co-Mod for the month

Pee. Ess. The points will get reset every month. If you don't get more than 50 points a month you're out!

For the list of points go Here