Bethanie Quinton-Randell (nice huh?) (captain_beth) wrote in ____gunxbang,
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Age14 going on 1000
LocationUp North
Who sent youYohbitchface xxx :-)

10 Favourite BandsAFI, HIM, Queenadreena, Weezer, BFMV, RHCP, Jack off Jill, Aiden, Hawthorne Heights *sigh*
4 Favourite FilmsPotter, LOTR, Memoirs of a Geisha, Gothika, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
3 Things that make you awesomeDouble jointed hands, my style
5 Best Friends and Why? [pictures please]What on LJ? None. But in RL Druid, Lozza and Bunny (no pics, I must respect their wishes)

Make us a bannerIf you insist
4+ picturesFine
Promote us in 2 places with links please Yeah alright

Suck up to the modI love you bitch.
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