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Hey, this is Edita {its_electrickk}. I got a new username but I decided to re-do the app for fun :]

Name Edita.
Age 15.
Location MD.

10 Favourite Bands Brand New, Cursive, Death Cab For Cutie, Bright Eyes, The Arcade Fire, Jacks Mannequin, Something Corporate, The Decemberists, Wolf Parade, &Desaparecidos.
4 Favourite Films Clerks, Garden State, Elephant, &I <3 Huckabees.
3 Things that make you awesome The way I think, I have a lot of original, artistic ideas {so I'm told}. I'm honest with people {sometimes brutally}. I'm always there for people, my friends could call me at 4AM if they needed something and I would grab my sweater and head out the door for them.
5 Best Friends and Why? [pictures please]

Jennifer Diamond. I met her when we were both in sixth grade on the first day the swimming pool we both went to opened. This girl has changed my life in so many ways. She helped form my opinion of music, has introduced me to people who are now the loves of my life and so much more. She has been there for me at any given point and I could rely on her for anything. I love her like I love my own mother. I, in all honesty, think I would dry up into nothing without her.
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Cara Corsaro. I IMed her on the advice of a friend, saying that we'd hit it off. She has become one of the closest friends I have ever had. She is so sweet and I love her.
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Bernadette Jankowski. Bernie was friends with Cara, and once again, Cara thought Bernie and I would be a good match too. This girl and I have so much in common it startles me. To situations in our families, to personal problems, to what we've accomplished at how old - it's remarkable. I love her too.
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Teal Koch! TK is absolutely amazing. She is completely one of a kind and adorable. She is the biggest science geek ever and makes fun of scenesters nonstop. She has the strangest family and her mom and her dress alike. I steal clothes from her even though they are almost two sizes too small, I make them fit. She is honest about everything, but always has something nice to say. She uses the most inane words, like keen. I love her as well.
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Micheal O'Hara. MK is such a loner. He hates everyone and everything and listens to Nirvana like it's God speaking to him. He is an amzing guitarist and is absolutely hysterical. He is always there for me just lets me yell whenever I need to. I love this boy to absolute death.
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Make us a banner {The one I made when I applied isn't in use anyway, so is it necessary to make another one?}
4+ pictures
Image hosting by TinyPic
Image hosting by TinyPic {I look like the dumbest little kid ever, but it's okay.}
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Image hosting by TinyPic {On the right.}
Promote us in 2 places with links please

Suck up to the mod George, {yohbitchface} is really the only one I've ever come in contact with. I was auto-accepted here under the notion of loving me like a fat kid loves cake. So of course George is lovely. And so are the others.
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