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Sorry [03 Dec 2006|07:40pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I know on the rules it says not to change anything and I noticed when I posted the application the "who sent you" part was all bold form there. I don't know if thats how it's supposed to be-But I didn't change it.

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Pull the trigger! [03 Dec 2006|07:37pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

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[25 Apr 2006|05:39pm]

I'm out, loves.
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It's been a while. [09 Apr 2006|02:08pm]
[ mood | Happy. ]

It's been a while since I've been active. I apologize. Here are some pictures.

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[21 Mar 2006|05:40pm]

Image hosting by Photobucket
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[21 Mar 2006|05:37pm]

yo, this is _anapants_, I made a new journal. Sorry for being soo inactive, but heaps has been going on including a war with my now ex best friend. Also we've been having exams and stuff. But that should be over within the next week or so. So after that I'll do some promoting n stuff
♥ Ana
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stamped-photos [20 Mar 2006|05:34pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Sorry for the lack of activeness, been going through alot of shit lately. I'll promote after posting this, and here are some pics:
Make me BadCollapse )
xXPoisonous KissesXx

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[16 Mar 2006|10:13pm]

so I havent posted in a while...
pics w/ new haircuttt :)Collapse )
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[06 Mar 2006|09:09pm]

hey everybody
i was wondering if anyone would want to help me with this project i'm doing at the minute? it really would be so easy for you.
i'm attempting to fill an entire wall of my bedroom with photographs sent from all round the world, from anyone, whether i know you in person or not.
if you'd like to send me a photo (or as many as you want), comment here and i'll give you my address.
i want photos of anything.
thank you.
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STAMPED//PICTURES [04 Mar 2006|02:35am]
[ mood | Exhausted. ]

I got bored. So I took pictures.

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C'est moi! [21 Feb 2006|03:33pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Seeing as Crashdown_X says I have to post piccies of me I will. My camera is fixed now.


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[19 Feb 2006|10:01pm]

If you dont put the points you are owed in the subject line

You dont get the points.

Its a rule dearies


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[19 Feb 2006|03:54pm]

[ mood | sick ]

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Here's a banner for you, tis not v good!


Will put it in my LJ to promote....

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20 points? [18 Feb 2006|09:00pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Friendlys.Collapse )

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Pull The Trigger [17 Feb 2006|08:38pm]

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[17 Feb 2006|04:03pm]

[ mood | nerdy ]

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--theme-- [14 Feb 2006|10:29pm]


<my friends!Collapse )

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[15 pics = 75 points] [12 Feb 2006|04:43pm]

my weekend in photosCollapse )

and me being a camwhore wearing my new top =)Collapse )

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[11 Feb 2006|12:16pm]

I was thinking about joining this community, so I made a banner. After filling out the application I changed my mind because I'm hardly on LJ anymore, so I shouldn't join communities that I wouldn't be active in.

To get to the point, I made banner, changed my mind, so here is a free banner.Collapse )
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Already [08 Feb 2006|07:08pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey, this is Edita {its_electrickk}. I got a new username but I decided to re-do the app for fun :]

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