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Whoah, we're rad.

Fucking Rad
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Are You Fucking Rad?

This is a rating community for anyone who's fucking rad to get together and talk with other rad people. You won't be judged on looks, but on your personality.

Applicant Rules
1. Do not comment on anything except your own application until you've been stamped. Doing such will get you automatically rejected and [depending on the comment] banned.
2. Please post your application within 48 hours of joining.
3. I cannot stress enough the importantance of an LJ CUT, thank you. If you're missing anything, don't be surprised if you get comments on your stupidity.
4. If you are rejected, you can reapply in 2 weeks, but with two extra promotions. If after 2 weeks you have yet to reapply or leave the community, you'll be deleted.
5. Put "Oh So Rad" in the subject line when applying so we know you read the rules.

Member Rules
1. Be as mean/honest/cruel/whatever as you want on an applicant.
2. Respect the mods and their descisions. If you start drama with a member or mod, you will be warned. The second time you do it, you will be banned.
3. Please try to keep promotions to a minimum. Once a week from any individual is plenty. And keep them under an lj-cut.
4. Stay active or get cut!

FAQ Central

Any problems, requests, or complaints can be placed by following this link.


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AIM: ohoh heartattack

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
AIM: kate to the MAXX



This Week's Theme: Baby Pictures! Post any baby picture of you before the age 4 that you think could win.
Starting Date: August 15
Voting Date: August 21
Last Week's Theme: Post the funniest, most outrageous picture you can find by googling: Chicken Salad, Lemurs, Fish, or any combination of those words.
Last Week's Winner: Lexie __mangledmemory

Rules for contests are the same as rules for themes.
This Week's Contest: Best Hair. If you think have amazing hair, PROVE IT.
Starting Date: August 15
Voting Date: August 21
Last Week's Contest: Promote us all over
Last Week's Contest: N/A

Rules and Application

The point of this is to challenge a person to have them removed from the community.

Point System

Points can be used to redeem different rewards in the community.

Sister Communities

Coming Soon
1.] Treasure Hunts