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Oh So Rad


6 Musical Artists//Coldplay, Dido, Afi, The Beatles, Guns-n-Roses, Jet
5 Books// I don't have specific favorites... but i like reading murder/mystery novels
4 Movies//The Godfather, Final Destination, Donnie Darko, The Sandlot
3 Foods//Lasagna, CHicken, Pizza
2 TV Shows//Lost, The Price is Right
1 Color// Gray

Please write, at the least, a full sentence.
Self-mutilation// I hate how it has been flaunted by the media as a "trend" among teenagers, because that gives off the impression that it shouldn't be taken seriously. I feel bad for anyone who does it, and they just need some help, or at least a good friend to talk to about their problems.
War// I am against it 100%. It has been proven in the past that war dosen't solve anything, yet we will never learn. I especially hate the war we are in right now. There was no logical reason to even start it, and all it is doing is killing millions of innocent people.
Gay and Lesbian Marriage// For it completley. Love is Love and noone has the right to tell you that your kind of love is wrong.
Media// The media is fine for entertainment.. but it also does nothing but brainwash people. It keeps us from thinking for ourselves as human beings.

This or That
Please include a short explaination.
Cats or dogs// dogs... they are more playful and fun
Black or White//Black.. i prefer dark colors
Low Tops or High Tops//Low tops.. maybe because i just dont own any high tops.
Kool-Aid or Nesquik//nesquick!! bleh.. i dont like kool-aid. x_x
CDs or Tapes// CD's... tapes are too hard to rewind and fast forward to a specific spot
Pepsi or Coke//Pepsi.. YUM

Word Association
Write the first word that pops into your head when you hear the
Bottle//Message in a bottle
Action// Action Movie
Cereal// Fruit Loops
Strawberries// Nature
Music// Dancing
Fresh// Air

End It Off
Why are you so fucking rad?// Cuz i aM bitaches!! jk ♥!!!
Who told you about us? (Provide a link if you can)// Promo site.
Promote us somewhere and link us to it//
Post a few pictures of yourself (between 3&10), just so we can get a feel for who you are. Also, specify which one you want to appear on the member page.// Image hosted by
Image hosted by (far left)
Image hosted by**
Image hosted by
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