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okay. sorry for inactivity..
i know i know.. i should've said something sooner...
but.. my mom died.. and.. i kind of didn't really
think about anything else at the time.. so..
im sorry for being inactive. and i hope you'll understand why.
your mom

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Only one person has voted on a theme/contest. Come on guys, I know you know how to leave a comment and have opinions. Please vote? We need some activity.

I'm also limitting the amount of promos made in here, because the only posts being made are those. Only promotion from each person a week please. If you make than one You'll start to lose points, and if you still continue to do it you'll be kicked out.

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Hey I may be inactive for awhile. I know I already have been. I've just been losing my enthusiasm for el jay. If you would like to boot me, it's okay. I understand. I may or may not re-apply. Sorry guys, I'll be back eventually.

For the time being you can find me at myspace.


Sorry again.
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