Who <3's their iPhone?

 I've been using the iPhone/iTouch app "Lose it!" forever and I was wondering if anyone else uses it or has a better app? I love how I can see how many calories are in something and see how many calories I've had today, all on my phone! It tracks weight loss, exercise and you can set weight loss goals too, I love this thing! It's a nice deterrent to eating to be able to see how many calories are in something instantly and I keep myself from bingeing by making sure I log any food I'm going to eat BEFORE I eat it, no excuses. Oh and it's FREE, everyone wins!

Anyway, today's been a good day so far.. I ran three miles yesterday, today I'm going to shoot for 4!
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Does anyone know of a good self-tanner that isn't too orange? I'm super pale naturally and I'd like to give myself a little more color. My skin gets all blotchy and i look like death.

I'm getting it as a treat for myself because I've worked out for 4 hours (intense cardio) in the last 2 days. So happy about that :D

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Scary skinny

Some of the girls in my class are skinny. Worryingly skinny. One of them is around 5'3" and 80 pounds. Her face is sunken in and you can see her spine protruding from her shirt. It is disturbing and disgusting. Strangely enough, I don't think she has an eating disorder, but I don't know her very well so I can't be sure. She certainly looks unhealthy, but I've seen her eat. Maybe she could be bulimic. Anyways, it really worries me. What should I do? Tell a teacher? I don't know her at all, and I have no acttual evidence, but she looks sick. Really sick. It is really scary.

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Hey guys,
This is my first post and I'm so happy about this site and the fact that we can support each other. I have been struggling with my weight since I was in fifth grade. It started like I know it started with many of you, eating super healthy and dieting, which became an obsession with losing more and more and more, counting every single calorie (gum, 5 calories, um no thanks). Anyways, I got down to 79 pounds in 8th grade but I got in super big trouble by my doctor and parents. I got up to 90 (I'm 5'2 btw) and stayed between 90 and 96 for about 5 years. I loved the feeling of my pants falling off of me, my sternum showing, and everyone telling me I was too thin and that I should gain weight. I love shopping in the kids section and having to have my mom take all my clothes in too be altered. I love hearing how tiny and skinny I am..was. Everyone says I am now but I don't feel like it. Just 4 months ago I was in the 90s but then I started my second semester in college. I'm living in an apartment with a guy that I'm in love with and can never have. It's driven me to total depression and self-hatred at times and I've gone from ana to binging then starving and exercising like crazy but nothing seems to help. Okay so it does for like 3 days and then I get angry again and eat something. I'm super depressed and I hate what I've done. I was 113.6 at my heaviest (a few days ago) and that is so not okay. For the years I was ana I hated being consumed by it and wished I could "just be normal" but it really is a disease of the mind. Now I miss it. I know the obsession but I've been there and if it would make me thin again, even though I never thought I was thin enough at the time, it would be better than being flabby and disgusting (what I am now). Anyways I love ana more than I hate it and I want it back because I can't do this binge thing any more. I want my bones to stick out again and my 00s to fall off my butt. Basically I need to be 20 pounds down asap. If you've gotten to this point thanks for reading. I really need the support.


Hi my name is Veronica I am 16 and obviously 5'2 I am ashamed of this:

Its so hard loosing and gaining weight i wish and dream of being so thin. but we must not give up if we do people will just look at us and say look at those fatties. we must fight til the end til we reach our goal it will be better, dream on it. we will get the hot guy and the great friends if we are thin and the cute clothes. thats what we all want i just wish it was easier to loose weight. well anyone wants to be text buddies just comment and i'll give u my number love ya peace-veronica