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Aug - Week 1

Here's how my first week in August went. Today was a hideous day, back on the wagon tomorrow.

Aug 1 : start day
water only

Aug 2 : -1.1kgs (-2.42lbs)
Aug 3 : -1.1kgs (-2.42lbs)  // total -2.2kgs (-4.84lbs)
1xcoffee,water,1xwheat biscuit
Aug 4 : -0.9kgs (-1.98lbs)  // total -3.1kgs (-6.78lbs)
1xcoffee,water,1xmc,1xwheat biscuit
Aug 5 : -0.3kgs (-0.66lbs)  // total -3.4kgs (-7.44lbs)

water,1xcoke,2xwheat biscuit

Aug 6 : -0.1kgs (-0.22lbs)  // total -3.5kgs (-7.66lbs)

water,1xcoke,2xbiscuits,6" vegie subway,1xmocha 


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