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rough day

weighed myself and am back up to 150 after a wekend of nonstop binging. the goal for this week is to stay under 1000cal a day and burn a minimum of 300cal a day. minimum. The calories are a bit high but I have a habit of screwing up my cals for the day, saying 'fuck it' and binging. i figure i should be able to stay under 1000 easy so i'm less likely to binge. screwy reasoning but it suits me. I just started exercising again which is why I'm only trying to burn 300 a day. The number will go up as I get in better shape.

today has been rough b/c i have been absolutely, totally unmotivated. I'm doing awesome at my eating but getting up the energy to do anything has been a little rough.

Hope everyone is doing well!! *hugs*

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