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Hello girls :)
haven't posted on here in a long time! but i'm Clara :)
how is everyone??

anyways, what is everyone planning for halloween?
living in Australia, I have no plans haha

hope all you girls are well
xo Clara

oh yeah; join my community:
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ever have a day where you can't do a damn thing right?

having one of those now, luckily it's almost over and i can drift off into unconsciousness.

gained weight, offended someone in a communtiy by my post, didn't exercise today... etc etc. just tired of it all.
keep telling myself tomorrow will be better. Hoping it is. i need a good day already. need to lose like 6 pounds this wek to feel like I've accomplished something so we;ll see how it goes. Stresing a bit about classes starting too.

hope everyone has a good day tomorrow... night

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back again

hey guys, i'm kat, i'm one of those people that are just always in and out of communities and for now i'm back in, yay! :)
name: kat
age: 21
current weight: 133
highest weight: 140
lowest weight: 113
goal weight: 113
about the same time last year i was really restricting and was able to get down to 121 now i'm back up to 133, the same weight i was last time i began restricting. i've been dieting/restricting/binging/purging/fasting, forever. two years ago i was 113, and i loved it. i felt like i finally looked perfect, thin, but i still had some curves.
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for inpiration i've been watching documenaries on you tube, these two are great you guys should totally watch them if you haven't already
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I've lost 8 pounds but i seem stuck. I know i need to start exercising but i'm realy out of shape. what are the best exercises you all have found to drop weight and tone up quickly? I have an elliptical trainer, some exercise dvds, weights, yoga books and a mat. I don't really have the money to buy much else. Everything on me is flabby so all over toning is key. and I am about 40 pounds (literally) over weight so i need calorie burning that will still allow me to walk the next day lol. any help will be greatly appreciated!!
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Aug - Week 1

Here's how my first week in August went. Today was a hideous day, back on the wagon tomorrow.

Aug 1 : start day
water only

Aug 2 : -1.1kgs (-2.42lbs)
Aug 3 : -1.1kgs (-2.42lbs)  // total -2.2kgs (-4.84lbs)
1xcoffee,water,1xwheat biscuit
Aug 4 : -0.9kgs (-1.98lbs)  // total -3.1kgs (-6.78lbs)
1xcoffee,water,1xmc,1xwheat biscuit
Aug 5 : -0.3kgs (-0.66lbs)  // total -3.4kgs (-7.44lbs)

water,1xcoke,2xwheat biscuit

Aug 6 : -0.1kgs (-0.22lbs)  // total -3.5kgs (-7.66lbs)

water,1xcoke,2xbiscuits,6" vegie subway,1xmocha 

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PMS water weight gain HELP!

What's the best way to lose the water weight gain from PMS? I am bloating horribly. I've been dealing with it okay for the last 2 days but it's really getting to me today. I'm drinking a lot of water but it doesn't seem to be helping much. any tips?
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rough day

weighed myself and am back up to 150 after a wekend of nonstop binging. the goal for this week is to stay under 1000cal a day and burn a minimum of 300cal a day. minimum. The calories are a bit high but I have a habit of screwing up my cals for the day, saying 'fuck it' and binging. i figure i should be able to stay under 1000 easy so i'm less likely to binge. screwy reasoning but it suits me. I just started exercising again which is why I'm only trying to burn 300 a day. The number will go up as I get in better shape.

today has been rough b/c i have been absolutely, totally unmotivated. I'm doing awesome at my eating but getting up the energy to do anything has been a little rough.

Hope everyone is doing well!! *hugs*

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everything i do is wrong. I am eating next to nothing an i'm still gaining weight. i think my problem is i'm not consisitent enough. i eat hardly anything all week and then blow it on the weekends. damn boyfriend. i shouldn't blame it on him though, it's my stupid lack of self-control.

I'm trying desperately to cut down on smoking and drinking but it's not going so well. any suggestions?

also i would love to find a weigh loss buddy, i don't care if we're the same size and weight (i'm 5' and 150 gross i know) i just really need so support. any help encouragement ct would be wonderful.

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I am interested to know what a typical day is like for everyone. For example- when you are restricting do you still adhere to society's rules of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Do you skip meals? Do you only eat when you're hungry? What do you eat? Do you calorie count? Watch carbs? What pattern and foods helps you lose the most weight without "completely" loosing your head?

Stay strong and good luck loves.
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Hi, I'm new to this community. My name is Nica, I am 18 years old turning 19 this year. I am bulimic and anorexic at the same time. I just want to share with you all my stats at the moment. Ok, so here we go.

Height: 5'2
Cw: 114! Gross!!
Lw: 97lbs

This is really disgusting! I gained alot of weight cuz I am mostly Mia right now And my weight have been up and down nowadays:((

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