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Hi Girls,

I haven't posted in this community for a few years (or from this account in a while). Upon logging in, I see a few of you have joined 5'6" and wondered why it's dead - here's my hypothesis:

All of the pro-ana communities I was active in years ago, with only one exception, are dead. {The one exception is the 28dayplan, which caters to a few groups, not just the anorexics.} Now, back in 2002, the six groups I belonged to were all highly active, so what gives? I'm going to be completely frank here: anorexia is not a sustainable state. Either you go to treatment and head for recovery, remission without treatment (pretty rare and pretty unstable), or you die. So those of us who were on here 8 years ago, well, we're either sane(r) now, or dead now.

(If you want to re-alive this community, post comments to the other 5'6" girls you see in other communities you follow. Just watch for people who put that height in their intro when they join, and give them a personal invitation. I bet you could drum up a crowd quickly that way.)

Well then, why did I suddenly log in and check this account? I lost my sane. After regaining some weight to "healthy", getting solid strength back (made it as a college athlete!), kind of lived my life for a while without so much fear... I found out my mother (obesity is an immediate threat to her health) would be willing to join a gym if I joined with her, and went with her... and thought "self - you're stable enough to have a gym membership without going overboard (ie. elliptical until loss of consciousness)"

Oh, silly silly self!

I joined the gym, bought my mother a membership, met with a trainer, who did body fat measurements.... BMI 20 (average/healthy) 26% fat. (range they want to see 15-25) SO apparently, I need to lose 3 lbs of fat.

Good bye sanity. All the faith I'd put in friends who swore up down and sideways that "You're not fat, it's just your head messing with your perception" - don't know if they were lying or just wrong, but here it is, medical measurement says I'm fat!

Ana, if you interfere with my job, there's gonna be hell to pay for everyone! But welcome back.~

cw 129
st gw 120
mt gw 110
lt gw under 105
(age 25)
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rock bottom

okay.. haven't been here in ages but i need to get back because honestly i suck right now. i'm at my highest ever. i'm disgusted with myself and need to change that

CW: 157
LW: 120

GW1: 145

and so on... but if i think about all the weight i need to loose at once it'll drive me insane.
looking for a support buddy, if anyones interested message me

Been A While : (

 So I havent been on in a really long time, and noticed that many others havent been either. but ive had so much going on and my weight has just been escalating more and more. i've been to doctors for the past 2 yrs to find out why i have these pains in my legs which have been holding me back from being able to workout and lose my weight fast. but they found out what is was and apparently im B12 deficient which means im lacking a lot a lot of vitiams in my body which is deff. a cause of my ED but w.e. So now that i know whats wrong i can get back on track and get this discusting weight off of me! anyways..before i start going off on a tangent, even though i dont write as much as i used to...i still come on and check my account often...and anyone who needs someone to talk to im here and can deff. always use someone to talk to aswell.

It's important we stay together and help one another with our issues no matter what they be <3

Take care/ be strong girls 

Much love - J <3

hello all

i've never posted here before but hey i'll give it a shot

soo i'm at my highest weight EVER

114, alsdkfjlaksd its terrible i've been b&ping like crazy. i want to try to get back to restricting 500 calories and going down.

my stats are:


hopefully by new years i'll be 103:)

stay skinny loves:)


My names Karen!
Age 22
CW 116.5
HW 180
GW1 112
I am looking for a place where i feel like i fit in! I found this community so i hope its a good choice!
From your posts it definatly seems so!
anyway hugs and kisses