Purging ??

hey guys i was wondering if anyone has purging tips for me
my problems is i have little o no gag reflex and when i do get anything to come up it all liquid.last night was my first binge in a week (eating 600 cal a day) so i guess that's good but i still punished myself be working out for 2 hours ugh here's my stats
HW:160 lbs
LW :115 lbs
CW:130 lbs
GW: 110 lbs
GW2: 105 lbs
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Ok so 2 week fast and I've lost Nothing??? What?? That is so unfair. I feel so ill and weak but I have to keep going. I HAVE to lose weight! I look so horrible!!! :(
Also, my skin has broken out into loads of big horrible spots. I look so gross :(
I am also the last person to post anything on here. I feel so alone...
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Hi, I am shorter than most of you in here, I joined first because I WAS 5'1. I have shrunk 2 inches!! As if I wasn't depressed enough without realising I am even fatter than I thought.
I've had on/off eating disorders for as long as I can remember, anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating disorder (without purging)
My weight has varied so much. Recently I have just come out of hospital. and I have put on 2stone while in there! In just over a month!!! I feel so disgusting and horrible :'(
I posted around a year ago after coming out of hospital, and what do ya know?!  As soon as I am starting to reach my goal, back to hospital again! I was admitted to hospital, not directly ED related but because of another health condition, a lack of iron and other things made me really ill.
I wasn't even much underweight for my height before I went in. AsIsay, I am 4'11. I was 88lb when I went in. I am now 116!!!! :'( This is the heaviest I have EVER been. I remember when 108 was my heaviest weight and i was mortified! Imagine how Ifeel now. I am so depressed. And so angry! How could I let myself get like this?
I really want to get back down to at 84 at the heaviest. I think I would be happy then. I need your support, please help. Pictures to follow... x x x
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hey girlies!

Hello to all of you
I have just found this community and I think its perfect, I have been struggling with my weight forever I go up and down and currently its been up, as in REALLY up. I really just need a buddy to help me with this, is anyone interested?  Let me no if you are interested!! I just really need to get rid of this fat that has kept getting worse and worse. Its gross

Hw 140
cw 138
lw 95
gw1 120
gw2 110
gw3 100
end goal 98 or less.

Thank you!

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 Hey everyone! I'm new to the community. 
I'm exactly 5'1" have black hair, & green eyes. 
CW: 117
HW: 130
GW1: 110
GW3: 100

I go to college, but commute - so I live at home. My parents have been noticing I havent been eating as much. 
My mom asks me about 6 times  a day if I want something to eat (she still thinks i'm 6 yrs. old). 
It gets to be annoying, but I'd rather be at home than at work. Work is at a restaurant - so you could only imagine the possible damages done there. 

Right now I'm waiting for my next class, enjoying the rumble of my stomach. =]
I almost cracked and had a candy bar, but then realized I only had a $10 bill in my car and no singles. 
Hope everyone else is having a good day. 


weighed myself this morning... 117.5 !!!! wich means im past my first goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
only 2.5 pounds till my next goal of 115.
i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be 115 by next friday.
hopefully i can do it!!! i'm sure i can, now that im so motivated!!!!!!!!!

i hope EVERYONE is having a wonderful day!
love you alll!!!!

ps.... i can NOT take credit for all the weight ive lost so far. because without you guys, i dont think i could do it. so im sending a much deserved thank you to every single one of you !