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Degrassi Role Playing Game

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

How to play:
1. Become a member of the community

2. Choose one of the following characters (these are not taken) you would like to be:

12th grade
Dylan Michalchukd_michalchuk

10th Grade

Ashley Kerwin ramoneschikx
Craig Manning___craig
Ellie Nash _xxellie
Hazel Aden hazelxaden
Jimmy Brooks __jimmy_
Marco Del Rossidelrossi
Paige Michalchukspirit_paige
Spinner Mason5pinnman
Terri Macgreggorterri_babe

Grade 9
Emma Nelsonmiss_emma_n
JT Yorke
Liberty Van Zandt miss_grapevine
Manny Santos___degrassi
Sean Cameron__seanxcameron's
Toby Issacstoby_i_compwhiz
Chris Sharp

Grade 8
Kendra Mason


3. Leave a comment on the board saying you would like to be a certain character and ill respond and if I tell you yes, you will need to get a new account and icon, but I can help you with the icon if you need help.
4. Then, you post entries on your new account as your charachter.