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cut me BITCH.


Name: Kelly
Age: 15
Sex: female
Location: wilmington DE

Bands (10+) the academy is. hellogoodbye. armor for sleep. daphne loves derby. cauterize. fbtmof. the rocket summer. eisley. copeland. underoath. straylight run. the postal service. rookie of the year. etc.

Movies (5+) garden state. the notebook. big fish. napoleon dynamite. donnie darko. how to deal. the breakfast club. sixteen candles. the prince &me.

Books (3+) the perks of being a wallflower. this lullaby. speak. angus thongs &full frontal snogging. bad girl: confessions of a teenage delinquent.


Voting: it's stupid not to vote. when you think about it, it's really kind of cool. one vote could change the world. &everyones votes really do matter. voting's the peoples' chance to be heard, so why not? we fought for so many years to gain the privelege to vote, so we should use it.

War: i absolutely hate war. my uncle is over in Baghdad right now, working with the police force, trying to make it safe to walk across the street without being killed by carbombs left &right. he left behind 4 kids under the age of 8 &a wife. him &my aunt were separated with hopes of getting back together. if it weren't for him, i wouldn't really worry about it either way. but, even though it'd be alot harder, i think in the end, it'd be so much better to make peace treaties &to make a decent attempt to get along. it'd be nice if it was against everyone's religion to kill anyone.

Drinking , smoking and drugs: i drink, &i used to smoke. i ended up quitting for my boyfriend. i'm not against any of it. it's your life, it's your decision what you want to do. &it's not a bad way to get away from everything for a while, although it scares me when people do it excessively weekend, after weekend, after weekend.

Sex before marriage: as long as you think you're ready, go for it. i think saving sex until after marriage is a really cool idea, though. how awesome would it be to wait until lthen &haev something like that to look forward to. but there's no way in hell i'm going to be able to wait.

Abortion: prochoice, although i could never have an abortion. it's a personal decision, and no one should have a say in the matter other than those responsible.

One other thing you feel strongly on: gay marriage: love is love. there's no debate. all people should be allowed to marry. if youre going to discriminate against same sex marriages, why not go against mixed race marriages too &raise some more controversy.

Next word that comes into your head

Cheesecake - factory.

Emo - screamo.

Foot - long.

Lemonade - summer.

More Randomness

What colour underwear are you wearing? black + red.

Last thing you put in your mouth? mountain dew.

Last thing you set on fire? cigarette.

Whats the best colour play dough? green.

Are you a FGT? nope, i like boys.

What do you think of your mods:

_deathdisco: youre gorgeous, love. &you seem extremely cool. i absolutely adore you're hair.

nonexistantlove: youre gorgeous as well! im in love with th e lip ring. &we're friends on lj, &you're really sweet &incredibly cool.

The Pictures

Post a picture of...

A hot guy/girl

i find him incredibly gorgeous.

An awesome band

motion city soundtrack.

Fave food

the love of my life.

4+ CLEAR pictures of yourself

sorry for the different sizes.

Promote 4 places and your userinfo.... youll get props for promoting in actual communities instead of crappy promo communities.

... One last thing

Why the fuck should i say yes to you... biatch?
i'm a cool cat!

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