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Cut me Bitch



Bands green day, jimmy eat world, hot hot heat, death cab for cutie, something corporate, mewithoutyou, he is legend, the sounds, the format, the faint

Movies anchorman, mean girls, love actually, dogdeball, elf

Books to kill a mockingbird, speak, hes just not that into you


Voting: everyone should vote if you have the chance.

War: war pretty much sucks, what more is there to say?

Drinking , smoking and drugs: i dont smoke. i drink once in awhile to have fun with my friends. i think drinking excessively is wrong, especially when it is just to forget your problems.

Sex before marriage: i'm not really for or against it. i know i've always been told to wait until marriage, but if i find the right person in the right time before then, who is to say it's wrong?

Abortion: i dont really like the idea of abortion. i feel that if you are impregnated (unless raped) that you should have your baby, not kill it.

One other thing you feel strongly on: i think gays/lesbians should be able to get married across the nation. i dont understand how that would offend anyone.

Next word that comes into your head

Cheesecake - birthday

Emo - bitches

Foot - dr. suess

Lemonade - stand

More Randomness

What colour underwear are you wearing? black

Last thing you put in your mouth? cheese

Last thing you set on fire? candles

Whats the best colour play dough? yellow

Are you a FGT? l0lz, duh!~*

What do you think of your mods:

_deathdisco: very cute! your hair is adorable.

nonexistantlove: your lip rings rad. ive always wanted to get mine done.

The Pictures

Post a picture of...

A hot guy/girl

An awesome band

Fave food title or description (fiesta taco saladddd)

4+ CLEAR pictures of yourself
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Promote 4 places and your userinfo.... youll get props for promoting in actual communities instead of crappy promo communities

... One last thing

Why the fuck should i say yes to you... biatch? because i tell rad jokes.
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