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Cut me Bitch


Name: Taryn
Age: 15 in five days, well i guess that makes me still 14 though...
Sex: female
Location: North Carolina...sadly

Bands (10+)
Bright eyes
the Cure
The doors
Bob Marley
Brand New
Otis day...dont ask, its not the music but the memories behind it...

Movies (5+)
Spinal tap
Donnie Darko
fight club
Virgin suisides
Girl Interupted
ok and yea i know this sounds really sad but "Then princess and the Pauper" the barbie movie, i have watched it atleast 1,000 times with my litter sisters and its grown on me...

Books (3+)
God-shaped hole
White oleander
Girl interupted
The divinci code
A time for danceing<>Mr.Murder...


Ok. here is my theory: i have always been stiong in politics, that is the way i was raised so i know that my opinion on this subject really most likely isnt my own but the one that has been pounded into my head-I think it is very important to vote, people dont take advantages of one of the few great things that america has to ffer and that is our ability to speak out on our opions. I also think it is garbage all the people who didnt take the time to go vote but are now complaining about whats going on with our government...it you dont vote you have no right to bitch...end of story.

I dont think it is every really the answer and i think this war in particular was completely made up, and waste of money and more importantly lives...I have many friends who are going to inlist as soon as the get out of school, and some of them already have i have one guy friend who is supposed to leave at the end of the summer, and it is the scaryestfeeling i know, knowing that he may not come back and even worse he may die for a cause that could and should have been avoided...

Drinking , smoking and drugs:
I smoke cigarettes, i know it is a terrible habit and i am in the process of quitting...which is very hard. But im not big into drinking and doing drugs, i wont lie i have tried weed before but i reall dont like the feeling of not being able to controll myself im crazy enought with out the influence of other things, but that is only my opinion and i dont push it apon anyone...

Sex before marriage:
I think the people underestimate the depth of teenage love. I understnad that may sound stupid but it is true. I personaly beleive that if you love some one so much you can feel it in every inch of your body that yuo would die for them, then thatrs love, it doesnt matter how old you are or wether or not there is a band on your finger. I think it is a personal decision that everyone should make for themselve...But i would like to add i have a lot of respect for people who abstain, that is very hard!

I personaly could never have an abortion, but im pro-choice. Because of all the situations that can cause a pregnancy i could never believe that it should be outlawed...

One other thing you feel strongly on:
womens abuse:
I know many women who have been abused including my own mother so i find it terrible and i believe that anyone that could hurt a women esspecally one bearing a child should die, i know that is harsh but it is my opinion...

Next word that comes into your head

Cheesecake -strawberries

Emo -guitar

Foot -ewww

Lemonade - money

More Randomness

What colour underwear are you wearing? pink and white

Last thing you put in your mouth? tooth brush, its helping me quit

Last thing you set on fire? cigarette :-(

Whats the best colour play dough? Hot green, its amazing!lol

Are you a FGT? no

What do you think of your mods:

_deathdisco: i like you hair style, your really pretty

nonexistantlove: you are very pretty, i like you lip ring, i had one last year but my mother made me take it out

The Pictures

Post a picture of...

A hot guy/girl

ok so i know he is dead, but beauty never really dies...

An awesome band

Fave food

4+ CLEAR pictures of yourself

Promote 4 places and your userinfo.... youll get props for promoting in actual communities instead of crappy promo communities

my info
a community
another community">
some one LJ
another LJ
... One last thing

Why the fuck should i say yes to you... biatch?
Haha i have no idea sorry not the best answer i guess!
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