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07 July 2005 @ 09:13 pm


name: Amalia

nicknames: jee, i have alot. my family all call me gusia (goo-sha), and i really don't know why. they never call me "amalia". my dad's friends all call my amy, and my chicago friends use to call me emily because they said i look more like an emily than an amalia. Last year my student teacher used to call me "Nalia" for some reason. My brother's friends always call me "little girl" and never amalia lol

gender: i'm proud to be an owner of a vagina

age: 14

birthday: may 29th

location: chicago, illinois

favorite color: black

5 random likes: rainbow eyeshadow, black and white photos, feathers, winter nights, bubble gum

5 random dislikes: when old couples hold hands in public, people who talk to me with some food stuck in their teeth, people who whisper in my ear, stupid ass posers, when my internet doesnt work!!!


ten bands/singers you like.

01) Deftones

02) The Mars Volta

03) Gorillaz

04) System of a Down

05) Metallica

06) P.O.D.

07) Queens of a Stone Age

08) The Postal Service

09) Franz Ferdinand

10) The Shins

five bands/singers you don't like.

1) The Used

2) Inflames

3) Dream Theater

4) Greenday (I liked their old albums, but I hated American Idiot)

5) Bowling for Soup

five books you enjoyed.

1) Killing Mr. Griffin

2) The Outsiders

3) Rumble Fish

4) I know what you did last summer

5) Matilda

five movies you love.

1) Mrs. Doubtfire

2) Dumb and Dumber (the first one)

3) War of Worlds

4) The Grudge

5) Titanic


bush & the war: Bush, well I just plain don't like him. His wife would have been a better president, or Hilary Clinton. Wars are just dumb. What are you proving by it? "Ooo be scared cause our country is more powerful! Let's fight!" Then killing all those people for nothing, it's really horrible. Everyone should just get along but NOoOoOoOoO.

abortion: Never. If the girl was raped, then just give birth to the baby, and give it to a nice married couple who can't "create" kids. Killing an unborn baby is murder.


gay marriage: go for it, if you love a person...even if they're the same sex. I don't think government should tell people not to love eachother.

labels: labels? like when people label a group? preps, goths, emos? well if that's the case, I don't like it. I for one am in the group of "amalia" :)

the mods: they're both cool cause they made this cool community


why are you cool? well for one, i'm not like most girls. i have a penis, HAHAHAHA no!! jk jk -- i dress all funky with funny hairdues, and i really don't care what people think of me.

3 things unique about you? i have my own style of photography, i have an obsession with eyes, and i love going out at nights and looking at the stars and just breathe the night air.

3 wishes? no war/terrorism, every person will be in the middle class(so the rich wont be snobby and feel powerful, and the poor will be happy), no diseases

something you hate about yourself: i used to cut myself but not anymore because i felt horrible when i saw my parents cry for the first time. and i swear i wont do it again

make us laugh:

promote us (at least three times):

3+ photos ( must show face )

thank you, and goodnight ♥

Current Mood: chipperchipper