<33 mella. (_thisis_theend_) wrote in ____conoroberst,
<33 mella.

elliott vs conor

so i'm apart of the elliottsmith community on lj. this was posted a day or so ago:

"The other day, my friend was checking out a Bright Eyes CD, when I noticed that there was a sticker on the front talking about Conor Oberst. I remember it saying that Conor "suffers like Elliott Smith". Now, I rarely ever listen to Bright Eyes, or know anything about Conor Oberst, but I doubt his suffering would even compare to Elliott's. I was just wondering if you guys agreed or disagreed."

http://www.livejournal.com/community/elliottsmith/775475.html thats the link of the entry with the 180+ comments going on in it. most of the comments are basically people bashing on conor and others sticking up for him. it had basically turned into a debate on whether who was better, conor or elliott.

but i was once told that galileo came up with a theory that everyone goes through the exact same amount of shit, does the same amount of wrong, and has the same amount of joyous moments. everyone experiances life in different ways. human kind has just perverted everything to make martyrs, criminals, and celebrities. so i say that conor and elliott have suffered just the same. and suffering is a shameful thing to fight about anyway.

i was just wondering what your opninions were on this.
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