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stamped // leaving

Life has finally gotten in the way big time these days and unfortunately I hardly have time to update my journal, much less keep up with a rating community. Between work and cosmetology and moving into my apartment... things are just a little too hectic for now.

If life calms down enough later on I may reapply.
Anyway, thanks for accepting me. It was fun!


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Officially leaving

Sorry you guys. Life has been crazy hectic, and despite the fact that there is just a month until summer, its only going to get worse between then and now. So I'm leaving. Really sorry to go, but its not really fair to stay. I should have done this a while ago.

Maybe I'll be back once things calm down.
♥ Peace and love. ~ Kelly


Sorry guys. Not into the whole "rating community" thing.
They're mean.

Some people are actually hurt when they're rejected.

I even made my rating community non-rating. It's just nicer.

Love ya all. Add me if you want.
Or go join [Bad username: xheart_attackx3"] As I said, we're non-rating.